The kit consisting of drops and stem with the addition of a seat post that uses the patented Sit'n'go system is one of the new products from ITM for 2015

ITM is a company at the leading edge, capable of combining innovation and technology with the experience gained from a long tradition of being a winner. The many years spent in the world of cycling have given the company consolidated quality in the production of handlebars, stems and seat posts and not only these but many other bicycle components.
A new product for 2015 is the new X-One system. It consist of a kit containing a handlebar, stem and seat post with an aggressive look and highly refined lines.
The handlebar is made of carbon with opaque unidirectional finish and the compact geometry makes the grip very comfortable in all situations. At the top we can see the central zone which has a flattened shape to offer an excellent hold without having to overload the wrists and shoulders.


The part that goes toward the zone of the levers is expertly worked to increase the grip by the part of the palm toward the thumb. An excellent design feature is the route of the cables which are  guided through a special protected, stable and safe route created as if it were inside the handlebar and able to accommodate the cables of both the mechanical and electronic gear change. Three widths are available, 400, 420 and 440 centre/centre.
The refined design of the handlebar could only be combined with a carbon stem with a decidedly innovative shape which combines the same sinuous, audacious and elegant shapes. The first thing you notice and that tickles your curiosity is the locking system. At the front the stem has no screws giving the idea of a single block while at the back in the zone where the handlebar passes we find the well covered G.W.S. (Grip Wedge System) locking system which locks the handlebar to the stem. A single screw is used to loosen the system in order to adjust the slope of the handlebar. The handlebar can be replaced by completely removing the G.W.S. locking system.
This X-One system makes it possible to obtain a greater increase in stiffness throughout the structure comparable to an integrated system but the convenience lies in the possibility of adjusting the handlebar perfectly by a few millimetres so that you can always pedal in the maximum comfort.
To complete the X-One family we have the seat post, developed in versions for both racing and MTB bikes. Using the patented sit'n'go system places this gem at the top of the range in terms of the potential for adjusting the saddle forward or back and for micrometric adjustment of the saddle's slope. Another benefit is the ease and speed at which the seat post can be fitted with the new two screw system.


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